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Forex News - Top rated Forex News sites and agencies. News Ratings' goal is to range forex news sites and to provide monthly analysis of the rates. This rating is based on votes from all sorts of users and traders from beginners to seniors. If you have ever visited any of these news sites, you may click on it's name and rate it. You may rate several news sites, but only once a day. First day of every month all rating results will be brought to naught! Starting a monthly rating from zero allows to identify a monthly winner and thus more objectively display the voters' opinion.

Top rated Forex News sites & agencies

# Site Review For  Against Comments Stats Status
1 Bloomberg Bloomberg 0% 0% Comments about Bloomberg Voting archive Bloomberg
2 CNN CNN 0% 0% Comments about CNN Voting archive CNN
3 CountingPips CountingPips 0% 0% Comments about CountingPips Voting archive CountingPips
4 Daily FX Daily FX 0% 0% Comments about Daily FX Voting archive Daily FX
5 The Financial Times Financial Times 0% 0% Comments about Financial Times Voting archive Financial Times
6 Forbes 0% 0% Comments about Forbes Voting archive Forbes
7 ForexHelp ForexHelp 0% 0% Comments about ForexHelp Voting archive ForexHelp
8 Forexnews ForexNews 0% 0% Comments about ForexNews Voting archive ForexNews
9 FoxBusinessNews 0% 0% Comments about FoxBusinessNews Voting archive FoxBusinessNews
10 Freshpips Freshpips 0% 0% Comments about Freshpips Voting archive Freshpips
11 FX and MM FX and MM 0% 0% Comments about FX and MM Voting archive FX and MM
12 Forex Street FxStreet 0% 0% Comments about FxStreet Voting archive FxStreet
13 hy HY Markets 0% 0% Comments about HY Markets Voting archive HY Markets
14 International Business Times IBTimes 0% 0% Comments about IBTimes Voting archive IBTimes
15 Investopedia Investopedia 0% 0% Comments about Investopedia Voting archive Investopedia
16 MoneyControl MoneyControl 0% 0% Comments about MoneyControl Voting archive MoneyControl
17 Reuters Reuters 0% 0% Comments about Reuters Voting archive Reuters
18 Rttnews RttNews 0% 0% Comments about RttNews Voting archive RttNews Newcomer
19 Tfn Top Forex News 0% 0% Comments about Top Forex News Voting archive Top Forex News Newcomer
20 XE XE 0% 0% Comments about XE Voting archive XE
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30 August 2012   news   RttNews
always reliable and fresh fx news here, very convenient
13 August 2012   Daniel   Investopedia
this site is a great training wheel for novices in business finance, forex, etc. It offers a lot of comprehensive charts and diagrams, I'd recommend everyone have an Investopedia tab in a browser :)
6 July 2012   Mike   Bloomberg
Great article on Afghan economy today. It actually reveals the essence of the whole thing. He who has eyes to see, let him see...
27 June 2012   Enric   FxStreet
FX Street is simply the best!.. Always something new to learn here.
18 June 2012   w_jameson   HY Markets
I opened an account with HY Markets early this year and have had a really good run trading with them.
However, I would like to warn anyone who thinks of day-trading with these guys - don't! Besides the no scalping policy, HY Markets has unusually high spreads, particularly for smaller accounts, so if you are in and out of trades often, your costs will add up very quickly.
6 June 2012   quezzz   Daily FX
DailyFX is extremely useful, it is a great source of currency data.

The news updated daily and of high-quality.
31 May 2012   Michael   Bloomberg
I use Bloomberg tv and I think it's absolutely worthwhile. Breaking news,interesting interviews and all the relevant info on a well laid out screen
29 May 2012   SWboy   Reuters
fx brokers and traders need to stay current with forex news at all times, no matter which source exactly they prefer. To name just a few, Reuters, Bloomberg, Daily fx. These make top 3, I guess.

21 May 2012   Paul   Bloomberg
Bloomberg is a great tool. I had a chance to use it as a trial and the amount of information is unbelievable. It is expensive but worth the money if you can afford it.
15 May 2012   lennyfx   XE
nice & handy site... Easy to use on the iphone when traveling, you can get all the info you might need and convert currencies instantly.
10 May 2012   Tim Walters   Freshpips provides news articles whichis essential for forex trading... Users have the option to vote a great story and boo a bad one. This provides user interaction and encourages community involvement. Due to this actual filtering system traders are able to find good articles without having to search a long time. The site also has an easy-to-use interface. This is a cool addition to the Babypips line.

13 September 2012   Reuters
Japan MOF's Nakao: latest FX moves speculative, unacceptable
The latest currency moves are clearly speculative, Japanese currency tsar Takehiko Nakao was quoted as saying by Jiji news agency on Thursday, issuing a fresh warning to markets against pushing up the yen too much.
12 September 2012   CountingPips
“Desperate” Central Banks “Should Benefit Gold”, German Court Backs Bailout Fund
THE SPOT MARKET gold price touched a new six-month high at $1746 an ounce Wednesday morning, while stocks and the Euro also rallied following a ruling by Germany’s Constitutional Court cleared the way for the creation of a permanent Eurozone bailout fund.
9 September 2012   XE
Russia's VTB may boost capital with new shares in 2013
Russia's second-largest lender VTB may carry out an extra share issue in 2013 to prop up its capital after prospects for such an issue this year had evaporated, Chief Executive Andrey Kostin said.
8 September 2012   Top Forex News
ECB Bond Buying & US Payrolls Lead to Fourth Weekly Gain of Euro
The euro jumped this week, posting the fourth consecutive weekly gain. The major driving factors for the rally were the policy meeting of the European Central Bank and US nonfarm payrolls that came out worse than expected.
7 September 2012   ForexNews
Aussie and Euro Get Big Boosts from Chinese, ECB Stimuli
While the Australian Dollar and the Euro are leading the charge higher against the traditional safe havens, the Japanese Yen, the Swiss Franc, and the US Dollar, Gold and Silver have sold off a bit through the Asian and European sessions.
3 September 2012   FxStreet
Draghi likely to give details of bond purchase plan in Sep; BoE to remain on hold
Speculation on ECB's bond buying scheme has been intensifying throughout August and it is expected that President Mario Draghi will present the scheme's details at the upcoming monetary policy meeting.
2 September 2012   Bloomberg
Brazilian Real Advances on Economic Expansion; Swap Rates Rise
Brazil's real rallied the most in almost a month after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said he wouldn’t rule out more stimulus and a report showed Brazil’s economy grew at the fastest pace in a year.
31 August 2012   Daily FX
Dollar Sheds Post-Bernanke Gains, but Rates Favor USD Strength
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke initially sent the US Dollar (ticker: USDOLLAR) sharply higher and the US S&P 500 notably lower as he failed to provide clear indication that the Fed would institute the next wave of Quantitative Easing (QE3).
21 August 2012   ForexNews
Euro Slips as Bundesbank Sees ’Significant Risk’ in ECB Bond Buying Program
After last week’s strong run by the US Dollar, especially in thin conditions, it should come as little surprise that price action was able to reverse quickly against the world’s safe haven currency to start the week.
21 August 2012   CountingPips
Gold Market “To Be Driven by Politics This Week”, ECB Intervention “Would Be Like Solving Problems with Drugs”
Spot market gold bullion prices dipped back below $1615 an ounce during Monday morning’s London trading, the level at which they ended last week.

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